Onsite Insites LIVE -Finding Talent
The talent pool for the Residential Property Management field is shrinking at a faster pace than any time in history, so how are we going to fill those open positions?
Lori SniderJoin us for Onsite Insites LIVE! on Thursday, November 20th at 9 a.m. Pacific/ 12 p.m. Eastern with Special Guest, Lori Snideras we discuss how to seek out and secure talent in places we might not have thought of before!
It will be the best 30 minutes of learning you’ll experience all month!


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Doug Miller, President of SatisFacts, along with Alexandra Jackiw, President of Milhaus Management will present at the 2015 NAA Education Conference in Las Vegas on June 25, 2015 at 11:30am.

Session Title:

It’s No Grimm Fairy Tale: Granting Employees the Midas Touch

Session Description:

If employees aren’t happy, research shows customers won’t be either. However finding and keeping good talent is becoming increasingly difficult. While a company’s first instinct may be to throw money at the issue, multifamily’s first-ever Employee Satisfaction Index shows the reality that what matters most to employees is often not tied to compensation. Discover the best practices for engaging employees and boosting performance, which will then, almost magically, grant them the ability to create happy and dedicated residents, turning their communities into gold!

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Jen Piccotti and Lia Nichole Smith, along with Holli Beckman, VP of Marketing and Lease Operations of W.C. Smith and Jeremy Lawson, Reputation Manager for Fogelman Management Group will lead a panel discussion at the 2015 NAA Education Conference in Las Vegas on June 25, 2015 at 9:00am.

Session Title:

Grudge Match!  Deconstructing 5 Raw Online Reviews

Session Description:

A scathing stream-of-consciousness resident review can be overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Which complaint should you tackle first?  Such rants may be litanies of half-truths, exaggerations and mis-representations, but not every detail needs to be addressed.  Learn how to read between the lines, prioritize your response points and take control of your online story.  During this session, 5 of the most complicated online reviews will be deconstructed and professional, hard hitting responses will be crafted.  It’s time for a breakdown!

Jen Piccotti, Senior Vice President of Education and Consulting for SatisFacts Research and ApartmentRatings.com, will be presenting at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s First Annual TechCon in Denver, Colorado on October 29th.

Join Jen’s session at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m.

SFR - AAMD Reputation Management Deconstructed

Session Description:

It’s a Ratings and Review world, and no community can ignore them and hope those reviews will just go away. Keeping in mind that your online reputation begins with the resident experience, it’s critical to focus on both sides of the equation. In this session you’ll learn:

- What matters most to today’s prospects and residents based on nearly 2 million surveys,

- The most common online resident complaints,

- How to break down real life reviews to discover the underlying theme, and

- How to construct impactful responses using our Save T.H.E.M. technique.

Register today!

Lia Nichole Smith, VP of Education and Consulting for SatisFacts Research, will be presenting at the Midwest Multifamily Conference in Indianapolis on October 16th.

Join Lia’s sessions at 11:00am and 3:10pm

Where Have All The First Visit Leases Gone? (11:00am)

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Session Description: Leasing apartments is a tricky game to play.  Most prospects tour 4 to 6 apartment communities before selecting the one they feel deserves their commitment and most importantly, their money.  So who wins the lease?  In this session, you’ll learn how a few minor changes can yield big results and more leases.  1.6 million survey responses can’t be wrong.  Connect with your prospects by giving them what matters most.  Make the connection – get the lease.  It really is as simple as that!  And once you’ve mastered the first visit leasing game, parlay those skills into securing more renewals and increasing your community’s bottom line.

Change Your Online Story! (3:10pm)

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Session Description: Are you “over” reputation management training?  Well, this is the session for you!  People go online for 2 reasons: to sing your praises, or to rake you over the coals. Now that you know the basics of reputation management, it’s time for some action!  In this session, we’ll explore how your team’s natural ability for “selling” can generate more positive reviews by getting your residents to do the work for you.  We’ll also construct responses to the top 5 online complaints and show you how negative reviews can help you secure more leases and renewals!

Employees Are People Too

Join us for Onsite Insites LIVE!

October 16 – Employees are People Too: Eliminating the 5 Points of Pain – Webinar Sponsor: ApartmentWebsites.com

If employees aren’t happy, research shows customers aren’t either.  While a company’s first instinct may be to throw money at the issue to keep everyone happy, the SatisFacts Employee Satisfaction Index shows the reality that what matters most to employees is often not tied to compensation. Discover the Top 5 Things that get in the way of happy, engaged employees. Register HERE

October 16

10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST



Jen Piccotti, Senior Vice President of Education and Consulting for SatisFacts Research, will be presenting at the Minnesota Multihousing Association’s Fall Convention on October 7th. 

Join Jen’s session at 8:45 a.m. – From Unbearable to Unbelievable: Transforming the Difficult Resident

Session Description: Residents say the darndest things, and sometimes they say the unimaginable! As professionals, part of the job is managing difficult conversations and minimizing explosive situations. In this session you’ll learn 5 strategies to keep your cool and respond (not react) to even the most outrageous resident encounter.

There is still time to register for the Fall Convention, the must-see event of the year for Residential Property Management Professionals in Minnesota!

Register HERE!

Ebook Cover Safety

Is this community safe?

With safety and security listed among the Top 5 drivers of leasing and renewal decisions, prospects and residents are no longer content with an answer of, “Crime has no address…”

Learn 10 things every community can be doing to impact their resident and prospect perception of safety and security today!



Lia Nichole Smith, VP of Education and Consulting is presenting a 2-part webinar entitled “Partnerships That Work: Creating Team Synergy” for the Greater Dallas Apartment Association

Webinar Description:

For a community to operate efficiently, the team must operate effectively.  In this session, we explore the unique relationships between Managers, Assistants, Leasing and Maintenance.  And just how do your residents factor into the team concept?  Learn how you can connect more successfully with your co-workers, and in turn, with your residents to not only make a more pleasant overall environment, but to reduce costly turnover.   It’s time to shed some light on what matters most to residents and what each team member can do to ensure residents are feeling the love year round!

SESSION ONE: September 10, 2014  CLICK HERE to register

SESSION TWO: October 8, 2014 CLICK HERE to register


Did you know SatisFacts has a library of 30-Minute On-Demand Webinars that are available for FREE?

Jen Piccotti and Lia Nichole Smith share in-depth knowledge and the latest data and trends in the Multifamily Housing Industry based on over 1.6 million resident and prospect surveys.


What You Missed:

Maintenance & Retention  – It’s All In The Details. This one’s for service team members and those who care about service — or in other words, everyone!  We all know that maintenance plays a huge part in your retention efforts and here are some easy, surefire take-a-ways that teams can implement today to help reduce turnover even more! View On-Demand HERE

Doug Miller, the founder and President of SatisFacts Research, built the business on giving back to the industry and sharing knowledge. View this session at your convenience, and we invite you to share it with your team!

Visit our entire library of On-Demand Webinars and see what’s coming up on Onsite Insites LIVE!, our Free 30-Minute Webinar series that takes place the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. Pacific/12 p.m. Eastern


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